Water Balloon Fight for the Multiverse

Every 100 years strange portals open through time and space, weakening the walls between bordering universes. Only a select few know these portals between worlds open. Those chosen few train and hand down their secrets from generation to generation until finally the portals open once more. When the portals rip open time and space, the well trained jump in and do what they have spent their whole lives learning to do…throw water balloons at their multiverse counterparts. The balloons are in hand, the teams assembled, the tournament is on. Capture the objectives and bring them back home, or soak the enemy until they must retreat! To the victor go the spoils! Welcome to the Water Balloon Fight for the Multiverse!


Capture the objectives and bring them back to your version of reality.  The Water Balloon Fight for the Multiverse System is wide open. You can have dragon people trying to beat robots, elves racing against dinosaurs; it is the multiverse after all, there’s no telling what you’ll encounter once those portals open and the water balloon fight begins.  Each player takes control of 4 characters who will move through a map of the players’ design and fight to take control of three objectives and bring them back to their starting point.  That’s the basic gameplay concept anyway, there is no limit to what can be done.

Print the rules, the cards, the stands, the tokens, the move sticks; everything you need for a great wargaming system is right there for you.  Just go pick out some terrain and some character models to make the game your own and you are on your way to water balloon destiny!

The card stands show which character is assigned to which number.

Every character will play a bit different from the others.  Teams are built for having strong suits and weaknesses, but the player will have to work with those to win the day.

Every team is made up of four characters.  Here are the team descriptions:

Squirrels in Disguise: Mozz, Chip, Guac, and Toast come from a universe where squirrels pretend to be something else. Good for holding stuff and moving around.

Team Pocket Sand: Shank, Shiv, Dagger, and Blade. This quartet sings songs of sharp objects and cheese plates. They like to get in close and mess stuff up.

Nightmare Zone: Bass, Trout, Shark, and Eel. This team is from a universe where sharks can swim backward, but don’t because they are always moving forward. They move well, attack quickly, and die quicker.

Hubris If We Lose: Fame, Glory, Guts, and Chaos come from a universe where frosted toaster pastries were never invented and they just really need this win, okay? Good all-around team.

Lots of tokens help change the game.  Each character is able to hold a certain number of items, move a certain distance, attack within a certain range. Tokens picked up on the map add bonuses to the user, if, that is, the user is able to make them work as intended.

All you need to provide is a d10 for each player and one d4 for the party.  Pick your own character tokens, print out the terr


Check out the rules right here: water balloon fight for the multiverse ruleset  (I’m pretty proud of this rulebook’s design).

Download the whole thing from Thingiverse right here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3350187

Have fun!


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