Travel RPG

Travel RPG is a light rules system with rapid character creation ready for any type of story the story guide wants the players to play out.

My favorite part:

The character (player) board has everything you need to monitor a character.  Spin a dial (yep, those cogs spin!) and you know how many skills a character has at their disposal, how many actions they can take on a turn and what they need to roll to succeed in their task.  When the Failures dial runs from 6 back to 6 the player has to pick new skills because they are failing wildly.

Players use their skills to learn more about a problem, navigate the problem, or overcome the problem at hand.  If they choose to overcome and fail energy goes down.

The Story Guide will add some flavor to failures and keep the problems coming as the players work to navigate a larger issue at hand.  As this is a Travel RPG, it is meant to be light and not full-bodied like a Pathfinder game or anything (think Travel Guitar, it’s fun, but you wouldn’t take it to the recording studio). Players may run through scenarios as simple as defeating a dragon who is terrorizing a township to hard helping a snapping turtle get a hug. There’s no limit!

Check it out on Thingiverse here:

Here are the rules: Travel RPG System Rules

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