Sky Dungeon: The Steampunk Dungeon Crawler

-This game is currently pending a 3D printing version, but here’s the paper version!-

Sometimes my wife wonders how I spend my time.  I often respond, “poorly”.

For your amusement, here is Sky Dungeon a Steampunk Dungeon Crawler.  Click here for the pdf rules and print stuff.


Here’s the intro text:

Welcome, Captain! You have responded to our plea in the nick of time.  Our land is under constant threat from Sky Pirates who feel they are above the law (as well as the hills).  Our towns will not last much longer if those bandits and allowed to soar.  You’re here to stop that though, right?  Of course you are.  I see you have a mighty fine airship out there.  That’ll do nice.  Thank you, Captain.  Get up there and knock out some bandits.

That’s right.  Dungeon crawl through the sky in your own airship and knock out sky pirates.  I love dungeon crawlers and wanted to play a steampunk themed one.  I also wanted to build one in less than 24 hours before my attention waned.  So here is my attempt at a 24 hour table top game.  If you play it let me know what worked, what didn’t, how you changed it; all the fun stuff.  I hope it amuses for at least half an hour.

Here’s a look at one of the evil Sky Pirates you have to knock out of the sky:

sky pirate

Steam pouring from the back of the airship.  I’m so very much not an artist.

And here’s the airship you will take to the sky:

block airship

Obviously, I spent 15 of my 24 hours on airship art.

Here’s the game file again: Sky Dungeon the Steampunk Dungeon Crawler

Sky Dungeon is a free print and play board game. No copyrights, no hassle, no real quality.  No guarantee everything is spelled correctly.

If you need a name for your airship, well, click right here for help with that by way of the Airship Name Generator.

Want to give your steampunk gaming a bit more character? Click here for the Steampunk Persona Generator.

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